To all IBEW Local 11 members, who it was my greatest honor to serve, Officers, staff and clerical, I want to deeply thank all of you for the well wishes, cards and calls.  The outpouring of genuine concern deeply touched me.

As always short and direct,
Love and miss you all,

Dean Todd

IBEW Local 11 is on the job at the Port of Long Beach.

Since the spring of 2011, the port has been engaged in a massive redevelopment project intended to combine three existing piers into one huge mega-terminal.

The work is being done under a Project Labor Agreement with the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, and IBEW Local 11 is a big part of it.

The port estimates that the Middle Harbor should generate 1,000 construction jobs a year during the course of its nine-year construction timeframe.


Every year on Labor Day, IBEW Local 11 makes its presence known in the most immediate way possible: with the shirts on their backs.

Hundreds of IBEW Local 11 members and families wear a T-shirt sending the strongest message possible about what’s most important at the annual Labor Day parade and rally in Wilmington.